Terms and Conditions

YEO CARGO LLC is not responsible for fragile merchandise that is not properly packaged for export, for physical and internal damage to the merchandise and/or boxes that are overweight than suggested (when applicable).


    Once your merchandise leaves in transit (from Miami port/airport):

  • ZONE A (Caracas, Maracay, Valencia and Barquisimeto)

    ⁣7-10 Business Days
    4 weeks

  • ZONE B (East - West)

    + 7-10 additional days from ZONE A

  • Special AREAS


    Delivery time is estimated and largely depends on international connections between ports and airports, restrictions and/or accessibility depending on the destination city and delivery points.

We have insurance coverage, which allows you to insure your assets at a low cost. Likewise, we inform you that cargo insurance is optional.


* Mode 1:

Insurance You Would Pay: $5.00 / Maximum Insured Coverage: $100.00

Applicable for general merchandise, such as: food, personal hygiene, jewelry, decoration, textiles, footwear, spare parts, toys, among others.

* Mode 2:

Insurance You Would Pay: $10.00 / Maximum Insured Coverage: $200.00

Applicable for special merchandise, such as: laptops, tablets, cell phones, parts and electronic devices.

* Mode 3:

Surely you would pay: 5% / Maximum Insured Coverage: The Value that you declare.

Applicable for merchandise between $201.00 to $2000.00

If you do not insure your merchandise, you must fill out shipping instructions through your virtual locker, web form, verbally, via WhatsApp, by email or through any of our communication channels in which you understand and accept. that; In the case of total loss due to theft or loss of your merchandise, our company is exempt from any responsibility for compensation or reimbursement.

The liability of YEO CARGO LLC is limited to covering losses due to theft or total loss of merchandise that has been insured before the date of shipment. THIS RESPONSIBILITY DOES NOT APPLY TO FREIGHT. That is, we do not reimburse money for expenses generated in the payment of freight to the shipping company/airline. In case of any eventuality due to loss, theft or total misplacement of your merchandise and you have decided NOT to INSURE the value of your goods, we will only cover $1.00 for each pound transported with a maximum of up to $100.00.