Earn Points and enjoy exclusive discounts and surprise gifts. It's our way of thanking you for your loyalty!

How does it work?

Our new rewards program allows you to earn points for:

✅ Welcome.
✅ Share experience on social networks.
✅ Refer a friend.
✅ Every dollar $ you spend when paying for your shipments.

You can earn welcome points by sharing information related to our products/services on social networks, referring your family/friends (who will also earn points when sending) and for every dollar you spend on your shipments you will be earning points that you will then earn. You can redeem for discounts on your invoices.

    1. Welcome when you open your Locker = 250 Points.
    2. Leave a Review about your experience on Google = 250 Points.
    3. Share any of our services on Facebook = 250 Points.
  • 4. Share or post on Instagram = 250 Points.

    5. Refer a friend = 500 Points.

    6. You also earn points for every dollar you spend when paying for your shipments.

    • Silver Level (1 x):

    250 Points = $2.50 off
    500 Points = $5.00$ off
    750 Points = $7.50$ off
    1000 Points = $10.00 off
    1250 Points = $12.50 off
    1499 Points = $15.00 off

    • Gold Level (1.2 x):

    1500 Points = $18.00 off
    2000 Points = $24.00 off
    2500 Points = $30.00 off
    2999 Points = $36.00 off

    • Platinum Level (1.5x):

    3000 Points = $45.00 off
    4000 Points = $60.00 off
    5000 Points = $75.00 off
    6000 Points = $90.00 off

How to use your Points?

Redeeming your hard-earned points is easy! Simply, before paying your shipping invoice, log into your locker, go to My Invoices and click the REDEEM POINTS button. They will automatically be subtracted from your bill; Likewise, you can view them when downloading your invoice.

Rewards Program Rules

ONE YEO Rewards allows you to earn and accumulate points easily and simply. You just have to follow the rules of the program:

  • You can earn, accumulate and redeem points according to the points valuation table (Silver, Gold or Platinum) and thus obtain exclusive discounts when paying for your shipments.
  • Points are not refundable for cash/transfer or any other method (no exceptions)
  • Points can only be redeemed for discounts on your shipping invoice. Points cannot be redeemed for any other product/service.
  • To earn and/or redeem points you cannot delete reviews or related information about our products or services that you have previously shared on social networks in order to earn points. This will void the terms and conditions and therefore the cancellation of all the points you have earned to date (regardless of the amount or the way in which you have earned them).
  • When you reach the maximum points at the Platinum level, you can redeem your points to pay your shipping bill. Additionally, you will receive a surprise gift.
  • Earning points under this program cannot be combined with any other existing offer or promotion.
  • To earn points for people you have referred, they must have made and invoiced a shipment with Yeo Cargo.
  • Valid only for customers with Virtual Locker.
  • Valid only for shipments exclusively of online purchases that have arrived in your Mailbox directly from an online store.