How to open a Virtual Locker in the United States with YEO CARGO

You just have to enter, locate the REGISTRATION Menu and fill out all your information where you want to receive your orders in Venezuela.
Your Locker is completely free and works for you to manage the dispatch of your orders in any online store. By registering you will obtain points that you can later redeem to pay for your shipments.

Benefits of having a Virtual Locker

✅ Have a free physical address (that is, maintenance-free) and where you can send everything you want to buy.

✅ Buy from any store in the world (Amazon, AliExpress, eBay, Temu, SHEIN, Walmart and hundreds of other stores).

✅ Alert the Tracking Number of your order (Tracking Number).

✅ Monitor and control all your purchases.

✅ Change shipping instructions so that your orders go to Venezuela.

✅ Pay your bills via PayPal and/or International Credit/Debit Card.

✅ Receive automated alerts every time an order arrives in your name.

✅ Track your shipments from the moment it leaves the US until the delivery in Venezuela.

What are you waiting for? Open yours NOW! 👇

At YEO CARGO, we make your international purchases easier than ever. Join our community and open your locker today!

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